Cool Resolutions

Even though I love Christmas Break, I dread taking down the Christmas decorations and bulletin boards in my classroom because it just looked so great with everything up.  However, I want everything Christmas gone so I don't have to come back to it in January.  Our last day of school before break was today, so I decided to have the students write about their New Year's Resolutions.  We discussed the word resolution and brainstormed some ideas.  Then we made penguins to glue our resolutions onto and titled the bulletin board, "Cool Resolutions."  Now we're all set for January.

I loved their resolutions.  Some of my favorites: "I will eat more fruits and vegetables"  "I will not fight with my brother."  "I will try and behave."  "I will always listen to my teacher."


  1. Just love your penguins! Do you have a pattern you can share? PLEASE!?

  2. Thanks :)I didn't really use any patterns except to trace the cirlces. I just made lined paper on Word and cut it into a circle. Then traced and cut out a large and small circle onto black construction paper. After completing their writing I had them glue it onto their big circle. For the face, I gave each of them two foam circles and a foam triangle. I cut the wings into long oval shapes with black paper and for the feet I used orange.

  3. I love your Cool Resolutions bulletin board! I'm going to have to "steal" your fabulous idea!


  4. Love the penguins. I always do resolutions when we come back from break, and I'll definitely use your penguin idea.

  5. We did this activity two days ago in my first grade class and the kids loved it! They wrote some wonderful resolutions, too. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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