Ice Cream Sundae Work

A couple of months ago I saw an idea on another blog about student's that went above and beyond on their work and it was like a sugar cookie.  I cannot remember where I saw this idea.  I loved this and went to the local education store to look for some cookie border for a bulletin board, but couldn't find any.  So, as I'm looking, I come across some ice cream sundae border and think "I can totally make this work!"  I put up some bulletin board paper with the ice cream sundae border and I look for student's that have gone above and beyond on their work.  During writing time, I like to go around and say I'm looking for ice cream sundae work.  They instantly try harder to make their handwriting nice :)  I also put a special ice cream sticker on the papers that get hung on this special bulletin board.

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  1. I LOVE it! What a GREAT idea to encourage better writing. Thanks for sharing.


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