Teddy Bear Day

In September, we had a Teddy Bear Day in my classroom.  Teddy Bear Day is September 9th and National American Teddy Bear Day is November 14th.  Don't ask me what's the difference?  Even though both of these dates have passed, you could do a Teddy Bear themed day on any day of the year, or save it for next year.  My students loved it.  Here are some of the activities from that day.

I passed out a handful of Ellison diecut miniature teddy bears in a variety of colors to each student.  They had to sort their bears and then graph them.  We discussed the graph and wrote the one they had the most and least of. 

I gave each student a handful of honey and chocolate Teddy Grahams.  Then they had to write an addition number sentence to tell how many they had all together and a subtraction number sentence to tell the difference between their two types of Teddy Grahams.
Their bears had a slumber party in our classroom overnight.  After the students left for the day, I moved their bears throughout the classroom for them to find the next morning.  When the students came in, they had to find their bear and then write about what they thought their bear was doing overnight.
Students traced around their bear and colored it to match.  Then they had to write a descriptive paragraph to tell about their bears.

We made teddy bear snacks using rice cakes, peanut butter, raisins, and pretzels.  The students had to write down the recipe and following the directions to make their snack.

We also read a lot of teddy bear books (Goldilocks, MoonBear's Books, The New Bear at School, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, ...).  We discussed new vocabulary, compared and contrasted the books, and made a tally chart graph after voting for our favorites.

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  1. I do something like this too! The graphing, writing, etc. It is so funny to see what mischief those bears get into overnight! Empty pizza boxes, popcorn, candy wrappers! (My family has pizza that night)The class makes blueberry muffins. I take Dixie kitchen cups and the kids get to measure muffin mix, water and a scoop of blueberries into the cup and stir. They put them in my electric frypan with cover and they smell sooo good in approx 10-12 min.


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