Winter Centers

Here are two centers I created for January.  I am currently working on more, but figured I would share what I have so far.  The first one is Snowman Fact Families.  Print off and cut out the snowman pieces.  Mix them all up and have students match the correct snowballs with the snowman heads.
Download Here

The next one is called Mitten Match.  Students will choose a pink (noun) and a blue (adjective) mitten.  They will have to use these two mittens to create a sentence.  For example, "The bear was cold in the snow."
Download Here

Teddy Bear Day

In September, we had a Teddy Bear Day in my classroom.  Teddy Bear Day is September 9th and National American Teddy Bear Day is November 14th.  Don't ask me what's the difference?  Even though both of these dates have passed, you could do a Teddy Bear themed day on any day of the year, or save it for next year.  My students loved it.  Here are some of the activities from that day.

I passed out a handful of Ellison diecut miniature teddy bears in a variety of colors to each student.  They had to sort their bears and then graph them.  We discussed the graph and wrote the one they had the most and least of. 

I gave each student a handful of honey and chocolate Teddy Grahams.  Then they had to write an addition number sentence to tell how many they had all together and a subtraction number sentence to tell the difference between their two types of Teddy Grahams.
Their bears had a slumber party in our classroom overnight.  After the students left for the day, I moved their bears throughout the classroom for them to find the next morning.  When the students came in, they had to find their bear and then write about what they thought their bear was doing overnight.
Students traced around their bear and colored it to match.  Then they had to write a descriptive paragraph to tell about their bears.

We made teddy bear snacks using rice cakes, peanut butter, raisins, and pretzels.  The students had to write down the recipe and following the directions to make their snack.

We also read a lot of teddy bear books (Goldilocks, MoonBear's Books, The New Bear at School, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, ...).  We discussed new vocabulary, compared and contrasted the books, and made a tally chart graph after voting for our favorites.

Ice Cream Sundae Work

A couple of months ago I saw an idea on another blog about student's that went above and beyond on their work and it was like a sugar cookie.  I cannot remember where I saw this idea.  I loved this and went to the local education store to look for some cookie border for a bulletin board, but couldn't find any.  So, as I'm looking, I come across some ice cream sundae border and think "I can totally make this work!"  I put up some bulletin board paper with the ice cream sundae border and I look for student's that have gone above and beyond on their work.  During writing time, I like to go around and say I'm looking for ice cream sundae work.  They instantly try harder to make their handwriting nice :)  I also put a special ice cream sticker on the papers that get hung on this special bulletin board.


Cool Resolutions

Even though I love Christmas Break, I dread taking down the Christmas decorations and bulletin boards in my classroom because it just looked so great with everything up.  However, I want everything Christmas gone so I don't have to come back to it in January.  Our last day of school before break was today, so I decided to have the students write about their New Year's Resolutions.  We discussed the word resolution and brainstormed some ideas.  Then we made penguins to glue our resolutions onto and titled the bulletin board, "Cool Resolutions."  Now we're all set for January.

I loved their resolutions.  Some of my favorites: "I will eat more fruits and vegetables"  "I will not fight with my brother."  "I will try and behave."  "I will always listen to my teacher."

Nutter Butter Santa's

Just finished making a treat for my kiddos tomorrow and thought I'd share.  It isn't the best picture, but you get the idea.


Christmas Bulletin Boards

This is an easy bulletin board that I did this year.  I cut out Christmas lightbulb shapes from construction paper and had students write something they could do to make the world a better place. 

For this bulletin board, I had each student complete a job application to be one of Santa's elves.  Then they colored and cut out the elf ears, hat, and body.  I glued these parts to their faces.  SO CUTE!!
Click here for my Elf Job Application.

Behavior Motivator

This is a simple motivator that I have used during the month of December.  I made a Christmas tree out of construction paper and cut out colored dots (ornaments) from construction paper and a star for the top.  I laminated everything so I can use it again next year.  Every time the class is doing what they are suppose to be doing, they earn an ornament.  They can also lose an ornament.  When they earn 10 ornaments and the star, they earn a reward.  So far we have watched a Christmas movie and had a popcorn party.  It's been a great visual for keeping behavior in check during the Christmas season.
I just completed a unit on my absolute favorite book, The Polar Express.  I got a lot of great ideas from One of the ideas was matching nouns and adjectives from the story.  I typed this up and laminated them to construction paper.  I put the nouns on dark blue and the adjectives on light blue.  Then I had the students match them in the pocket chart.  This was a wonderful vocabulary lesson.
I also printed out the sequencing sentences from and laminated them to train cut-outs.  We put these in order as a class and attached them to string with clothespins to make a train.


Entering the blogging world

I have just recently been introduced to the blogging world.  I have found SO many wonderful blogs lately whether they be crafty type blogs or 1st grade blogs.  I am a little obsessed with the teaching blogs because I have found so many amazing ideas that I can use in my classroom.  So, after going back and forth on the idea, I finally decided to try it out!  I know I am not as creative as many of my favorite blogs, but if I can get a new idea out there every once in a while, that's good enough for me :) 
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