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There's a fun Linky Party over at Always First GradeI LOVE seeing what other classrooms look like so this is such a great idea.  Here are some pictures of my classroom.
This is my carpet area.  I LOVE my carpet.  This is where we meet to do calendar, read books, and do whole group instruction for reading.

Speaking of calendar...this is my brand new calendar.  I seriously just got it last week.  They decided they wanted all the 1st grade classrooms in our corporation to have the same calendar so they bought these for us.  It's great!  It has everything you would need including a daily Math problem that my students are just eating up.  They love them!  Gotta love that :)

My focus wall is over in my calendar area.  We are required to have a focus wall in our classroom.  Some of them are really elaborate, but I thought this was simple and useful.  Each morning during calendar time, we review our weekly skills in all subject areas.  Then at the end of the week, I just change out the sentence strips.

Here is my small group table.  I pull over small groups to work on reading and math.  I have some wall space behind this table that I use for anchor charts.

Speaking of anchor charts, these are two of my favorites.  Our full time substitutes made these for everyone last year.  I think they are great!

Here is my classroom library.  I NEED to desperately relabel my bins.  They have fallen off or been destroyed.  I am doing that this weekend ;)

Here is another view of my reading area.  I used to call it the Reading Beach and I had a plastic pool full of books.  But, I just didn't have space in this room.  It's a very odd layout.

This is the entrance to my room.  We do not have doors so I wanted something fun and inviting.  I put up this blue bulletin board paper and went with an ocean theme. 

Just some more views.
I love this schedule I bought last year from Really Good Stuff.  I had two autistic children last year and it was really beneficial to them to have a visual.

My sink area. 

I love having these individual cubbies in my room.  They are SO convenient!

Here is a view from the back of the room. (Shout out to The Inspired Apple for the Adjective bulletin board).

Another view from the back of the room.
Here is my behavior clip chart that I keep on the front of the board.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my room.  Can't wait to see yours!!


  1. No doors?! Gasp!

    I had a teacher near me once that was a shouter (meaning she talked loudly...not mean shouting). I wouldn't have survived being close to her if I didn't have a door.

  2. i LOVE you apple pocket chart with the weeks skills in it! I am currently reading and teaching the 7 habit (for Kids) by Sean Covey...I have shown my "plan" book to the kids...but THAT would be a great way to show "begin with the end in mind-make a plan" Thanks!

  3. wow!! where did you get your clip chart? it looks like fabric? i just made a makeshift one yesterday with the colored paper and a pocket chart, but yours is wonderful.

  4. Wow- your room looks HUGE! Love it!!!! The cubbies are awesome and yes, I love that calendar board, too. Why no doors? That's interesting. Love the anchor charts for addition and subtraction. Nice!!!

  5. I have that calendar too and I love, love, love it! I actually just posted about how I use it. Be thankful your school purchased it, it was pricey! But Lakeshore stuff is usually worth it. Thanks for sharing pictures, makes me want to go clean and organize mine=)

  6. @Mrs. Bussey & Brandy, the no doors thing is definitely interesting. Our school was built in the 70's along with 2 other elementary's in our corporation and at that time the big thing was "Open concept." Most of the other classrooms are REALLY open with moveable walls. The first grade and kindergarten classes are in the new addition (7 years ago) and I guess they just decided to go with the theme of the rest of the school. It is something you get used to, but I would definitely love a door.

    @Sydney, I ordered it from Vistaprint. I put it into a Microsoft Word document and then uploaded it onto one of their small banners. Then I cut it out. It's vinyl so it really withstands the use. I love it.

  7. Jodi, you are such a good teacher! Your room looks fabulous. The behavior banner that you had Vistaprint make is an excellent idea. I loved seeing the pics of your classroom...thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the vinyl clip chart idea! I'll have to try that next year.


  9. Like everyone else I can't imagine no doors! What do you do for code red/blue drills (intruder/safety drills)? I play classical music constantly in my room and my kids use it to monitor their own sound so they're always noise coming out my door. I know sometimes kids just need to let loose and we close the door and have a dance party :-) Thanks for sharing your pictures! I also love my Really Good Stuff daily time chart and I'm so jealous of your calendar set up!

  10. YAY! I was so glad to see that more people had linked up. Your room is great! I saw a few things I will be stealing for next year....=)

    Always First Grade

  11. I love, love, love your class. You are so creative!!

  12. I found your blog through a random search for Dr. Seuss activities. I love your blog. What grade do you teach??? I write a blog too, but it is mostly an online diary.

  13. Love your blog!! How do you like the clip chart for classroom management? I am have been working on my classroom management plan I would love your feedback!! Thanks!!

  14. I LOVE my clip chart. I just started it this year after trying other things and it has been the BEST thing! I will be doing a post about it soon.

  15. Well, I bet your students are very eager to learn when they are in your classroom. It's full of colorful learning materials. I love your carpet area and the colorful carpet. Where did you buy it? I'd like to have one for my kids' study area.

  16. Where did you find the behavior chart?? I used it last year but I need everything in Spanish and I can't find the site to copy the sheets to send home. I love your blogspot!!!! If you have any followers who are DLE PLEASE WE NEED IDEAS FOR DLE CENTERS!!!!! HELP!!!!!!
    I love your classroom!
    Fort Worth ISD
    Fort Worth, Texas
    1st Grade DLE

  17. I LOVE your addition and subtraction key words posters. I just made my own version and blogged about it.

    Thanks for sharing your pics! I love your blog!

    Compassionate Teacher


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