We began discussing precipitation today.  I wrote the word on the board and had students say the word with me a couple of times.  Then we talked about the different kinds of precipitation.  I wanted the students to become familiar with the word, so we did a making words activity.  I passed out the letters for PRECIPITATION to each student and a recording sheet.

  Next, we completed a sentence to describe four types of precipitation and drew a picture for each.  Download by clicking on the picture.
Yesterday, we discussed wind and filled out the cloud charts together as a class after reading two nonfiction books about wind.

Then we filled in our information page about wind from the weather book I posted on Monday.
Tomorrow we will be discussing the water cycle.  I have some fun activities to do with my students so check back tomorrow :)


  1. great ideas! Thx for sharing. We're studying this as well.

  2. Very nice unit on Weather. Thanks!


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