A teacher on vacation

On Thursday, my husband and I left the girls with grandparents and flew to Orlando for my husband's business conference.  I was so nervous to leave behind my girls, but they were in good hands and they were SO excited to spend time with get spoiled by grandma and grandpa.  It was so nice to get away with NOTHING to do.  Weird, but nice :)  So, on Friday, before my husband's conference started, we headed over to Universal Studios and checked out Harry Potter and Dr. Seuss.  The teacher in me was definitely coming out as I wandered around the Dr. Seuss area telling him all about the Dr. Seuss stories and the characters.  I just kept telling my husband "I wish I could bring my students here.  They would LOVE it!"  I know this would never be possible, but it would be so magical for them.  But, pictures will have to do.  Just thought I'd share some pictures from Dr. Seuss.


  1. Don't feel too bad about not getting to take your students to the park, I live an hour and a half away and we can't afford to go!
    It looked like y'all had fun. I still haven't gone to the Harry Potter park yet. It's too expensive for me, and I get a Florida discount. That's why I go to Sea World, it's free for teachers! :)

  2. It looks like you are having a blast! I would love to go to Dr. Seuss and Harry Potter worlds!

  3. Too cool! My husband and I went to Orlando on Thursday also. We just got back today. We left our 4, 3, and 1- year old with the grandparents also. We had a blast! It was our anniversary trip and we also used the excuse that we were "pre-planning" for a trip that we'll take with the whole family in a year. Looks like you guys had just as much fun as we did!


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