You Know You Teach First Grade When ...

There's a Linky Party over at The Inspired Apple.  I love a good party!  The topic is "You Know You Teach First Grade When..."

1.   You can decipher and read all kinds of "inventive spelling."
2. You get more excited than the 200 children in the school supply aisle at Walmart in August.
3. You sharpen no less than 30 pencils a day.
4. You get called mom or {yikes} grandma at least five times a day, and it's not coming from your own flesh and blood children.
5.  You HATE barbeque sandwich day at lunch because of those 1st grade smiles afterwards.
6. You LOVE Dollar Tree!
7. You have truly wanted to be a foster parent for a number of your students that are having a rough time at home.
8. You have way too many school t-shirts, {School spirit, Autism Awareness, ISTEP prep, Kickball, ...}
9. You are constantly wondering if you have head lice, especially after spotting students killing them with their markers on their desks. 
10. You cry a little bit every June when you send your "school kids" off for the summer because no matter how 'difficult' a child was during the year, you have fallen in love with them.


  1. I am okay with being called mom or even grandma (not even possible lol) but I draw the line at grandpa lol


  2. Ugh - bbq day brings out my gag reflex!!!! And I'm pretty sure I need to be a foster parent, too. Some of their home lives just rip my heart out!

  3. Ok, # 9 made me laugh out loud! I had one pick it out of her hair today and bring it to me. Talk about itchin!!

  4. I got teary eyed today just thinking about the end of the year!

  5. Is #9 really true?!? I would flip out!! That is my biggest fear in regards to teaching!!

    First Grade Factory

  6. What happens to all those pencils?! Sometimes I think they break them on purpose just to hear the noise the sharpener makes! Ha!

  7. Omigoodness.... killing lice with markers?? I've had kiddos deal with head lice, but I've yet to ever see any myself. EEK! I think I'd freak out!


  8. I can relate to just about every single one! I'm so sick of all the chewed up, eraser-less pencils right now. I'm thinking about dumping all of them and just starting over.

  9. Unfortunately, #9 is very true! The worst part, one of those "friends" found it's way home with me last year! AWFUL!!!


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