Easter Writing Paper

I love fun writing paper and so do my students.  It just makes the task of writing much more enjoyable.  Here are some FREE downloads of Easter themed writing paper that I have been using this week.
This first one, I had students create an egg on white posterboard.  They used foam shapes, paint, marker, glitter, etc. to make their eggs.  Next, they had to write descriptive words for their egg.  Finally, they wrote about their egg.  We hung up the eggs and the students had to guess which egg belonged to the description.  (I will try and post some pictures later this week.)
Click on the picture to download
Here are some more.  Just click on the picture to download.

 This last one I just used for general Easter writing.  My students wrote about why they liked Easter, but you could use it for a variety of things.


  1. Perfect for what I was looking to use tomorrow in class. Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you! i may use these tomorrow!

  3. These writing pages are perfect for the writing station!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Bloggers welcome@

  5. I wish I could do Easter things... the only times I can really get away with holidays are Thanksgiving (since it's not religious) and winter holidays as long as I'm being multicultural. I just want to call my eggs Easter Eggs... but alas, they're just plastic eggs in our class.

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas!


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