My classroom is all blogged out!

As I look around my classroom, I notice that it is all blogged out!  If any of you walked into my room, you would see things from my blog and things from many other wonderful blogs, all over my classroom.  I love it!  For this reason, I thought I would start Fun in First Friday Favorites.
Every Friday, I will be sharing some of my favorite ideas from "Blogland" that I have come across during that week.  I get so many wonderful ideas from so many people and I want to recognize them.  So here we go for this week!
had a supercute idea for using Easter eggs and rewarding students.
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I also LOVED Lesson Plans SOS for two reasons this week.  First, their "You got Egged" writing lesson.

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We "egged" our principal.  We wrote notes and put them in individual eggs.  Of course, once I wanted one of those big eggs, I couldn't find one ANYWHERE.  Our principal wrote us a note back and put a surprise in the eggs for each student.
I also found this AWESOME lesson from Lesson Plans SOS again.

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My students couldn't stop talking about how they got to chew gum in school.  Too much fun!!
Another thing we did this week was the word sort activities for ou and ow from The Inspired Apple.

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I was so proud of my students and all of the great ou/ow words they came up with.


  1. This is such a cool idea! I look forward to seeing more of these posts :)

    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  2. Thanks, Jodi!!!! You are so sweet to link to me :)

    And I'm glad you liked the activity!

    Have a great weekend, friend!

  3. Love this post! My classroom is all blogged out! LOVE it!

  4. Super cool!! Thanks for passing along the great ideas!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  5. I hope teachers keep blogging during the summer. This old teacher feels like she can continue teaching for at least 7 more years thanks to all of the wonderful ideas from all of you.

  6. I did the "How to Blow a Bubble" this week with my third graders. THEY LOVED IT! Their adjectives were amazing! We also worked on leads. They had a blast!


  7. Mine is too. Now, I wish I had taken pictures. "Blogland" is such a great inspiration!

  8. Hi Jodi,
    We are so happy that your students enjoyed the writing lesson! YEAH!!! Thanks for giving us a shout-out on your blog. We appreciate it!
    Melissa :)

  9. Thanks for the shout out! :) I love your blog and this is a GREAT idea to post some of your favorite ideas for the week!


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