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It's been a cr-a-zy week!  We had some serious storms rip through the midwest.  Fortunately, we didn't have any structural damage, but we have been without power for the past 2 days with no hopes of getting it back on until at least tomorrow.  It's very hard getting ready for school in the dark.  My heart goes out to those that have lost everything in the recent tornadoes.  It is just so heartbreaking.  I cannot even imagine.  We did not have a tornado go through our neighborhood, just straight line winds, but WOW!  The wind just snapped huge trees right in half.
Here are just a couple of pictures of our neighborhood.
This lovely tree is laying on our power lines across our alley.
Check out the stop sign

I picked up my friend Thursday morning (4th grade teacher at our school that lives down the street) because this was their truck.  I couldn't even drive up to her house because there were so many trees down.  I had to park and walk.
So, with this power outage, I am going through SERIOUS blogging withdraw!  I will have so much catching up to do once we get electricity at home. 

I purchased Cara's Ice Cream Unit earlier this week.  It is so much fun and I cannot wait to use it next week with my students.  I know they will love it! 
1 1/2 weeks left of school!! 


  1. How scary!!So glad you are OK, Jodi!! Hope your power comes back on soon!!!

    Crazy for First Grade

  2. Glad to know you are ok! With all the crazy and awful weather people are having around the country (wild winter, flooding, tornadoes etc) it makes me wonder what kind of hurricane season we are gearing up for. The season officially starts next week...

    Hope you can have a wonderful weekend!
    Primary Connections

  3. Glad you are okay and we are thinking of you.


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