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I tried to title this post, but I couldn't think of anything appropriate because it's a mix of a bunch of different things.  First off, I posted this Wednesday, but due to Blogger issues, it was deleted :(
Here is an end of the year bulletin board that I found in a Mailbox magazine last year. 
Check out how long our Kindness Chain is getting
When I put it up last year, I had the students write about their summer plans on the coconuts.  This year, I have an activity written on the back of each coconut (pick a book, extra recess, choose a pencil, ...).  Each day I remove a coconut, we will do whatever it says on the back.
This week, we have also been working hard reviewing synonyms and antonyms.  I introduced Synonym Sandy and Antonym Andy this week.  (You can find these activities and others in my Synonym and Antonym Activity Packet at TpT.)
The students recorded the word pairs they heard while I read the stories.  Then we found them together using the Elmo Projector and highlighter tape.
We also played Synonym Bingo and Surfing Synonyms.

During small groups this week, we have been playing a fun game that I'm sure you've heard of, SWAT!  All you need are fly swatters (thank you Dollar Tree).  I write vowel patterns, digraphs, blends, ... on the board and then say a word.  The students have to SWAT the sound they hear.

We also play with math facts. I just write some numbers on the board and the students SWAT the answer when I give them a math fact.

Now on to Friday Favorites!
This week I was lucky enough to win a fabulous giveaway at The Teacher Wife. I won her Verb Unit and let me tell you, you want this. 
It's super cute!
During the big TpT sale I purchased Deana Jump's Insect Unit.  We worked on making the dragonflies this week and writing about what "Bugs" us.  They were hilarious to read.

Click on the picture to go to her blog


  1. I'm going nuts for your coconut countdown tree! :)

    Primary Graffiti

  2. I love your countdown tree! I'll have to remember that for next year.

  3. Love the fly swat idea!!!! My new blog smilescrayonsandendlessstories!!

  4. I had blogger issues last week too - so frustrating! I said I was posting my giveaway Thursday, but didn't get to do it until Sunday.

    I'm loving your Friday Faves!


  5. I'm doing a linky party with bulletin board ideas. I would love for you to add this post!

    Join up at Teaching Happily Ever After!


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