Our Picnic Day

On Monday, I had a Picnic Day in my classroom.  I arranged for the cafeteria to provide sack lunches for my students.  I bought some red and white checkered tableclothes and we spread them out on the front lawn and had our picnic.  It was such a great day!  The kids loved it and it was wonderful to sit and eat with them on the last week of school.  I planned picnic themed activities for the entire day as well.

This unit is perfect for the end of the year, but it would also be great anytime throughout the year that it's nice outside.
You can click below on the picture to check out a sample from the unit.

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  1. ahhh that sounds like it would actually be relaxing! I'd love to go outside (other than recess) more often but being in Florida we have the fire ants. And... I am allergic to them -- ugh

    Glad you had a great day!
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  2. Jodi, I love this idea! We had a family picnic after graduation and that was great fun. But next year I will do both. I am really working on doing all that I can to savor each moment.


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