October Fluency Passages

They're done!  I just posted my October Fluency Passages on Teacher's Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers.

For those of you that are not familiar with my fluency passages, the unit includes 40 original passages, written by me, myself, and I.  The passages are a variety of fiction, nonfiction, poems, and songs.  Each daily passage includes Power Words (vocabulary), comprehension questions, phonics work, a home connection component and some other type of language activity.  Here are the weekly samples:


Spooky Animals
If you enjoyed the samples and you'd like to check out the full packet, head on over to


  1. How often do you use these passages? Do you have a particular process when introducing them? Are they used in conjunction with a reading series?


  2. I do on every day. I started out in September with these and we do them as a whole group. I introduce the Power Words and we discuss them. Then I read the passage to the students. Next, I have them try and read it with me and we go really slow. We continue reading these about 3-4 more times. If I have time, I put students with partners to read these together. (This doesn't happen very often due to lack of time) As of right now, we do the rest of the page together. Later on in the year, they become a little more independent with this. The second page (which I just copy onto the back) the students do independently and then we go over this together.

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  4. Thanks so much for these! They are AWESOME!

  5. Hey Fun in First!
    The Goonie Gals have a question about the fluency passages...Are all of your kiddos able to read them? What if they can't...

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