The Lorax

We read The Lorax today and the kids LOVED it.  I started off by introducing the book and a little bit about Dr. Seuss.  This is a book that will need a little bit of explaining while you are reading it.  It's a difficult book with lots of tricky words for 1st graders, but with some discussion, they really do get it and this book can lead to wonderful conversation.
After reading, we filled out this chart together.
Then we made environmental posters. {You have to love invented spelling.  Too cute!}

She is watering the trees :)

"Clean water to help animals and trees for people to breath."

"Save trees and the universe."

We filled out a Character, Setting, Problem, and Solution graphic organizer about the story.  Later in the day, we held a Snack and Share.  {This is just my version of the Brown Bag Book Club on The First Grade Parade.}

 I love how interested the students were in this book.  They could not stop talking about it all day and they are so eager to find out which Dr. Seuss books we will read tomorrow.
**Don't forget to check out The First Grade Parade to enter Cara's amazing giveaway. Scroll down to the previous post to check it out.  ALSO, join the Favorite Things Linky Party here at Fun In First.  Scroll down to find it :)


Favorite Things Linky Party

Over at the awesome blog First Grade Teaching she posted a list of her favorite things and throughout the comments, we were all discussing that we needed a Favorite Things Linky Party.  So here we go!
1.  My Cuisinart Single Cup Coffee Maker

I LOVE this thing!  We got it for Christmas as a present and it is great.  We frequented Starbucks way too often and we haven't gone since.  Just think of the money we've saved!


 We just ordered $50 worth of coffee.  Sounds extreme, however, when you spend over $45, shipping is free.  AND, we got 87 containers which equals out to $.62 per cup.  Definitely cheaper than starbucks!

3.  Coffee Mate Creamer (Seriously the last one about coffee)

 I just cannot drink my coffee black.  Yuck! 

4.  Running
Until last July, I hated it.  However, I stuck with it and became obsessed!  So the next couple of favorite things are all running related.

5.  Asics Gel Kayano Shoes
These are the best running shoes that I have found for my feet.  Everyone is different though in what they prefer.

6.  Balega Running Socks
I have tried a lot of different running socks and these are BY FAR my favorite!  They do not slip down while you are running.  Others would slip down in the back and I'd end up with huge blisters :( 

7. Underarmour ColdGear Shirt
I just about choked when I spent $50 dollars on this shirt before I ran in the half marathon in St. Louis last November.  But, it was well worth it.  The cold weather is no match for this shirt.  You quickly warm up while you're running, even in below freezing temps. 

8.  Underarmour Compression Pants
Another cold weather running must have!

9.  E-Mealz

This is advertised by Dave Ramsey and it's great.  You can check it out at  It gives you recipes for the week along with the grocery list.  It really makes dinner planning simple and so far, the meals have been great!

10.  DVR
We FINALLY jumped on the DVR bandwagon in December.  Up until then, we VCR'ed things.  Yes, that's right.  Some of you may have never even heard of a VCR.  Lol!  I love my DVR.  How did I seriously watch tv without it?

11.  Sharpie Markers
Who doesn't love Sharpies?  Especially all the fun colored ones.

12.  VistaPrint
If you've never heard of it or used it, it's a goldmine for teachers.  Everything is free, but you do pay shipping, which is of course overpriced to make up for the fact that everything else is free.  I have created some great things for my classroom.  I will do a post another time to show off these items.

13.  Grey's Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, and Rules of Engagement

Love these shows!

14.  Angry Birds
I have had this app on my phone for months and was perfectly happy never playing it.  However, my husband recently started playing it and now I cannot stop.  It is so addicting!  AHHH!

15.  Sonic Care Toothbrush

This toothbrush is great!  My teeth feel "dentist clean" everytime I brush.
SO, now it's your turn!  Just post your favorite things on your blog.  Don't forget to mention the Linky Party here at Fun In First so someone else can come play along.  Then link up below!  Can't wait to see what your favorite things are!


There's a Wocket in my Pocket

Our Dr. Seuss activity today goes along with the book, There's a Wocket in my Pocket.  After reading this book, you can either have students make these pockets or you can make them prior to the lesson.  I just folded a 12x9 piece of light blue construction paper in half and cut out a pocket shape.  Then you staple around the bottom and sides, leaving the top open.

These can be used for numerous things.  You could write a word on a pocket and students have to write rhyming words and place them in the pockets, you could do certain vowel patterns on each pocket and place words inside the pockets, write a number on each pocket and have students find number sentences to place inside the pocket...
I have provided a 5 page download with short & long vowel word cards.  You can make a pocket for each vowel sound and students can place the word cards into the correct pocket.

 I'd love to hear if you have any other great ideas for using these :)

The Sleep Book

After reading The Sleep Book  by Dr. Seuss, have students think about a dream they have had and write about it.  Then they can make these cute sleeping people with a large circle for the head, a small black circle for the yawning mouth, and yarn for the hair.  I saw this cute idea in a book a couple of years ago.


Yertle the Turtle

Here we go with another Dr. Seuss idea.  This time it's for the book, Yertle the Turtle.  This book is about a king, Yertle, who wants to see the land that he is the ruler of, so he makes the other turtles stand on top of each other while he climbs on their backs to see.  After reading the story, you can make these turtles and have students write about why they think Yertle is a bad king.
 Click Here for the download of the writing paper.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for another Dr. Seuss idea :)

Horton Hears a Who

I love Dr. Seuss!  I think he was so imaginative and his books are one of a kind.  So, to celebrate his birthday on March 2nd, I will be posting a Dr. Seuss activity on my blog every day through next week.  I posted a Dr. Seuss Unit in an earlier post if you're interested.  You will have to scroll down a bit to find it.
So, to start off...we have a project for Horton Hears a Who.  This is such a cute book with a good message about how everyone is important.  1st graders relate well to the message of "A person's a person, no matter how small."  After reading the book, students will think about what they would say to Horton if they were a Who.  Have students write in the speech bubble. 

Next, students will follow the directions to make a Horton.  Each student will need a large gray circle for the body, 3 smaller gray circles for the head and ears, 2 small pink circles for the inside of the ears, 2 gray rectangles for the legs, and a gray J shape for the trunk.
Students will glue the pieces together, draw the eyes, and add the flower for the Who.  Use a strip of brown paper and a pink pom pom to make the flower. {You will probably need hot glue to get the pom pom to stay.} 


March Reading Supplement Packet

Last month, I had created a Reading Supplement Packet that included 3 weeks worth of original fluency passages along with Power words (vocabulary), comprehension questions, a home connection, and some other type of language arts activity for each day.  I have completed my March packet!!  Wahoo!  This time is includes 4 weeks worth of passages (40 pages).  The passages are all original and include a variety of songs, poems, nonfiction and fiction.  Each passage includes Power words, a comprehension section, a home connection, and some other type of language arts activity.  I find these to be extrememly useful.  We do a passage at the end of each day as a whole group.  I have found my students vocabulary to really be improving and the language arts activities are a great review of what we have been working on.  My students LOVE them and I have gotten great feedback from parents when my students bring them home to read. 
The full packet is available on Teachers Pay Teachers ,due to the fact that it is extremely time consuming to create, for $8.00 until March 1st then the price will go back up to the original $10.00 OR each week is sold seperately for $2.50. 

Like last time, here are samples of each week.
Week 1 - Baking
Week 2 - Saint Patrick's Day

Week 3 - Firefighters

Week 4 - Fishing

I would LOVE to give away one of the full packets.  If you are interested, all you have to do is be a follower of my blog, my TpT store, and leave a comment letting me know you are interested.  I will be choosing someone tomorrow night (February 22nd).


Fact Family Fun

We just started introducing Fact Families in Everyday Math last week.  Most of my students caught on pretty quickly, but some needed something hands on that got them physically involved.  So, I came up with this idea.  I used three page protector sheets and put yarn in the holes so they could hang on students necks.  Then I slipped in three numbers to make a fact family.  I wrote a + sign and = sign on the board and had students make an addition fact with their numbers.  Then they had to do a "turn around fact" to make the other addition problem.  I made a huge deal about how the biggest number person did not move, only the two smaller numbers.  Then I put a - sign on the board and had students move to make a subtraction problem. Then they switched to make the other subtraction problem.  We discussed that the biggest number started both subtraction problems.

Here is a Fact Family review sheet for you as well.


President's Day

We started discussing president's this week since President's Day is Monday.  We briefly discussed who the president is now, what they think the president's job is, and if they knew of the names of any other presidents.  We read the books, George Washington, which is a Scholastic Reader and the book A Picture Book of George Washington.  Then we filled out a chart to list facts about George Washington.
Next, the students wrote their own facts about George Washington using the chart as a reference.  After their writing was complete, they made their own George Washington using construction paper, cotton balls, and a coffee filter folded in half.  They are too cute!!

Tomorrow we will be reading about Abraham Lincoln and making a fact chart.

After completing the fact chart together, students will write their own facts in an Abraham Lincoln hat booklet.

We will also be making log cabins out of pretzel sticks.  I will post some pictures when we finish with them on Thursday.  We will also be filling out a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Washington & Lincoln.

**I am adding our pictures of the pretzel log cabins.  We discussed how Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin.  We looked on the Internet at pictures of log cabins and talked about what it would have been like.  Many of them couldn't get over the fact that there were not any bathrooms. :)  Then, the students wrote about what they think it would have been like to live in a log cabin.  After their writing was complete, they made their log cabins out of pretzel sticks.  They were so into it, you could have heard a pin drop. 

He thought he needed a cloud :)

Colored Number Grid

I saw this idea at a Math Workshop and loved it.  It's a simple way to help children use the number grid effectively when adding and subtracting.  The numbers in the 10's column are colorcoded to match the number in the 1's column that would come next.  I used markers to outline each number grid that my students have on their desks.  This is a computer version to download.

Here is a second version for people using a Math series that has a number grid in a different direction.

Here is a third version.  This one is a much smaller version so you can print them out and tape them onto student's desks.


Candy Heart Sentences and a Reminder

Just a reminder that my Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary Packet is still $7.00 for a couple more hours at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Tomorrow morning, the price will be raising to$7.50.  You will get three weeks worth of daily fluency passages.  Each passage includes a comprehension component, a parent checklist, and some other type of literacy activity.  They would be great for your high achieving 1st graders or as a whole group guided practice.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that has purchased it and all of the nice comments I have received!!  I truly appreciate it and I'm so glad you have found it helpful!  :)

Onto another activity.  Here is another candy heart activity.  Give students a handful of candy hearts and have them choose five for their paper.  They will then write a sentence using the words from their hearts.


Time Bingo

Here's a Time Bingo game you can play with your students.  The clocks include time to the hour, half hour, quarter after, and quarter to.


Fluency, Comprehension, & Vocabulary Packets

Last week I posted a week long Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary Packet.  I started working on next week's and decided to go ahead and do the rest of the month.  However, it was SO time consuming!!  I LOVE the end result and I am so excited to use them in my classroom (if we ever get back - crazy ice storm).  I did the first page from my "Bird" packet on Monday and my students LOVED it and couldn't wait to take it home to read to their parents. 
Due to the fact that the this whole process was so time consuming, I am selling the entire packet on Teacherspayteachers.  I also have each individual week for sale individually if there is a particular week you are interested in.  Each week will be available for $2.50 or the entire packet is on sale until Monday, February 7th for $7.00.  After that it will go up to $7.50. 

I am including a sample of each week here on my blog.
{Just a on the words, "Download _____ Sample Here," not the picture.}

If you are interested in the entire 30 page packet, Click Here to visit my TpT site
I would also love feedback of anything you would like to see in next month's packet.  I hope you find this as useful as I do.  Thanks :)

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