My classroom is all blogged out!

As I look around my classroom, I notice that it is all blogged out!  If any of you walked into my room, you would see things from my blog and things from many other wonderful blogs, all over my classroom.  I love it!  For this reason, I thought I would start Fun in First Friday Favorites.
Every Friday, I will be sharing some of my favorite ideas from "Blogland" that I have come across during that week.  I get so many wonderful ideas from so many people and I want to recognize them.  So here we go for this week!
had a supercute idea for using Easter eggs and rewarding students.
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I also LOVED Lesson Plans SOS for two reasons this week.  First, their "You got Egged" writing lesson.

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We "egged" our principal.  We wrote notes and put them in individual eggs.  Of course, once I wanted one of those big eggs, I couldn't find one ANYWHERE.  Our principal wrote us a note back and put a surprise in the eggs for each student.
I also found this AWESOME lesson from Lesson Plans SOS again.

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My students couldn't stop talking about how they got to chew gum in school.  Too much fun!!
Another thing we did this week was the word sort activities for ou and ow from The Inspired Apple.

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I was so proud of my students and all of the great ou/ow words they came up with.


May Reading Supplement is Posted

I just posted my May Reading Supplement Packet onto TpT.  I have to say, I think this one is my favorite so far.    If you are unfamiliar with these packets, they include 20 original fluency passages (5 per week).  Each packet includes Power Words, comprehension questions, a home connection, and some other type of language arts activity.  I use one every day during Extended Day (this is a 20 minute time span that was added on to the end of our school day.)
The weekly themes are weather, bugs, picnic, and beach.  I have included a sample of each week for a free download.





Kindergarten Visit

During Kindergarten orientation, the Kindergarten teachers send their students to the 1st grade classrooms for about an hour.  This is a great way for the Kindergarteners to see the 1st grade classrooms and they kind of get an idea of what to expect for the next year.  It's also a wonderful way to let the 1st graders shine.  They feel so grown up and important when the Kindergarteners come to visit.
During this time, I like to have my 1st graders perform a Reader's Theater to the book "The Night Before First Grade."
About a week before the performance, I read the book to my students.  Then I break the book into sections and we start practicing our lines.  They always do a great job.  Click here for the print out of the story I use for the reader's theater script.
Something else I love doing with my students is having them make a book to the Kindergarteners.  They write "What You Need to Know About 1st Grade."  I bind all of their writing into a book and pass it around to the Kindergarten teachers to read to their classes.  You can download the book by clicking on the picture.


Space Activities

I was going to teach about Space awhile ago, but decided to push it back until now because of the story in our reading series.  We began our unit by creating a list of space words (exactly like we did for our weather unit.)
Then I had students create their own Space Word Wall by writing and illustrating the words on star cutouts.

Today we discussed the Sun.  We completed our comprehension page about the sun and then wrote what we know.  We completed this fun mosaic sun to go along with our writing.

You can find these activities and more in my Space Unit available on TpT if you're interested.

Also, don't forget to enter for the Scrappin Doodles gift certificate and an item of your choice from my TpT store.  I will be choosing a winner on Saturday.


Wrap up of our week

The last two weeks have been cr-a-zy!  We had Terra Nova testing three days last week and our corporation wide Reading assessment.  Then this week, our 1st graders had to take the GT placement test.  Poor things!  They were worn out :( 
We did try to throw in some fun Easter things this week though.  I posted some Easter writing paper earlier this week and said I'd try to post some pictures of our eggs later on.  I thought they were cute.

After students made their eggs, they wrote a descriptive paragraph about their eggs.  Next, I taped all the eggs to the board...
And read the descriptions.  Students had to guess which egg description I was reading.  They had fun with this and it was a great lesson on teaching descriptive writing.
During a different writing lesson this week, I encouraged my students to use "Fancy Nancy" words. (You can check out the post here.)  If they used a word, I put a squirt of glitter glue on it and rubbed the glitter over the word.  Such a fun way to encourage great vocabulary in their writing.

 In between all this, we also finished up our reading unit on the Bossy R Triplets.  You can check it out at TpT if you're interested. 

Now to enjoy the 3 day weekend!  Happy Easter everyone!


Easter Writing Paper

I love fun writing paper and so do my students.  It just makes the task of writing much more enjoyable.  Here are some FREE downloads of Easter themed writing paper that I have been using this week.
This first one, I had students create an egg on white posterboard.  They used foam shapes, paint, marker, glitter, etc. to make their eggs.  Next, they had to write descriptive words for their egg.  Finally, they wrote about their egg.  We hung up the eggs and the students had to guess which egg belonged to the description.  (I will try and post some pictures later this week.)
Click on the picture to download
Here are some more.  Just click on the picture to download.

 This last one I just used for general Easter writing.  My students wrote about why they liked Easter, but you could use it for a variety of things.


Bossy R Triplet Read the Room Activity

Hey!  I feel like I've been out of the blogging world.  I haven't posted since last Tuesday!  I just got home from a great weekend with my family.  Every year we travel to Kentucky for Thunder Over Louisville.  If you have never been and you live close enough, YOU MUST GO!!  It just keeps getting better and better every year.  I didn't have Internet all weekend except for on my phone, but on the way home, I was able to type up a Read the Room activity to go along with my Bossy R Triplets TpT unit.  You can check out the unit here.
Here is a 4 page Read the Room activity for FREE!!!!
Click on the picture to download

My students loved meeting the Bossy R Triplets last week! 


Fancy Nancy

I had seen the idea for using the Fancy Nancy books to teach vocabulary and creating a Fancy Nancy Words bulletin board before.  I had been wanting to implement it since forever ago, but just never did. So, this week I DID IT!!  Wahoo!  And, let me tell you, it is spectacular, splendid, and sensational (Those are fancy words for great!)
There are tons of Fancy Nancy books so I plan on reading one about twice a week until the end of the school year.  Next year, I will start this MUCH earlier and do a different book each week.
I hit up Dollar Tree (big surprise) and bought these:

So, I can transform into this for each story.

I had one of my students take this picture, so it's at a weird angle :)
I dress as Fancy Nancy for each story.  (I looked for a boa and couldn't find one, so Christmas garland worked, but as soon as I find a boa, you better believe I will be wearing it.)
I go through each book first to see which words I want to introduce.  I write them on the board and we discuss them, that way the students can listen for the words while I am reading.  After reading the book, we fill out our papers to add to  our Fancy Nancy Word Book.

 I tell them to write their words from the book in a fancy way. 
The students are overjoyed (that's a fancy word for happy) to get to try out their skills with cursive and bubble letters.

 I write the words on index cards (decorate them with sequins) and post them on our Fancy Nancy Words bulletin board.

I am still in the process of making this "fancier."
Another fun aspect to our Fancy Nancy words is that if I hear any student using one of our "Fancy" words, I pick up my glitter:
5 pack from Dollar Tree
 And sprinkle one dash on their desk.
 Ooh la la! This is a smashing success.  In case you didn't already know this... KIDS LOVE GLITTER!!!
I will post more things as I add them to our Fancy Nancy fun!
I hope you had a spectacular, splendid, and sensational day.


Guess What's in the Egg?

You have to love the plastic eggs this time of year and all the things you can use them for.  Here is yet another idea for you.  Every year I send home a plastic egg with each child and a note explaining what to do.
Click on the picture to download
I begin by showing the students my plastic egg.  I give them three clues about what's in my egg and then they try to guess from my clues. 

My students are always so excited to bring their eggs back the next day to share.


Easter Fluency

When I created my April Reading Supplement packet, I did not include any Easter themed passages.  I wanted to make them more general so no one was left out.  However, if you would like to have a week of Easter themed fluency passages, I have posted them on TpT for only$2.00.  The packet includes five original passages (two poems, one fiction, one non-fiction, and one song.)  Each passage includes Power Words (vocabulary), comprehension questions, a home connection, and some other type of language arts activity. 
 While you're there,  check out "Meet the Bossy R Triplets" if you're interested.


Meet the Bossy R Triplets

I finished up my "Meet the Bossy R Triplets" Unit and now have it posted on TpT.
Every year when I teach the "er" sound, I think that it is so confusing for my students.  I created this unit to help them get tons of visual practice with this phonics skill.  You can pick it up at Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.
You can save 10% through April 9th by using the Promo code: A3F9D


Pattern Block Pictures

We finished up our Geometry unit this week and since next week is Spring Break {WAHOO!}, I didn't want to move on to our next unit today.  Instead, we reviewed our 2 dimensional shapes and used pattern block cut outs to create pictures.

 They had so much fun being creative with the shapes.  I love just giving 1st graders the freedom to create.  I am always amazed at what they come up with.

 After they created their pictures, they had to fill out the graph to show which shapes they used.

Click on the picture above to download

They also had to write about their picture.

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