Making Character Count

Every month we nominate a student for a Character Trait of the Month.  While I think this is a very important program, I know that in the past I hadn't truly included Character Education into my teaching.  This year I decided I wanted to really focus on character traits and teach my students what they mean.
I created this unit that I have been completing with my students this week.
This unit includes an original story to introduce good character, an "I Have Good Character" booklet for your students to complete, songs to introduce 5 character traits, certificates, scenarios to lead classroom discussion, and two writing and craft activities.
You can check out this unit by clicking below.


  1. This would be so useful for guidance counselors! We do a character trait for each month and she gives us printables like this and teaches classes that sign up for a character lesson. I think it really helps students to be aware our their actions and it promotes a positive school environment. I will be sharing this with her for her character lessons! Thank you!
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  2. I love this. We are having lots of character issues in my classroom this year so I can't wait to use it. Thanks!

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  3. YAY - guidance counselor here . . . and Jess is right . . . SO useful! Thanks for sharing.

    I have a question . . . I'm having an issue with my google docs and the 7 habits packet . . . I can see it perfectly in the reader but when I go to download or print, the descriptive sentences above the stars print as blurry lines. Yours isn't the only packet this has happened with and I'm at a loss for how to fix it.

    That being said, I'm wondering if you would be willing to send a copy digitally to see if we could get it to print - typically pdfs don't cause me this kind of frustration . . . . is there counseling for this?

    Thanks, Jodi! My email is gruenergang (at) if it's not too much trouble.


  4. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but when I went to put this Character Counts in my cart in TPT, it said that it did not exist. Any idea why?
    (We are doing a program called Character Counts at our school with six pillars including citizenship, caring, fairness, etc.) so this is perfect tie in for us!

  5. I purchased this yesterday and prepped it for this week. My little ones aren't showing the best character. So, I thank you for your wonderful unit.

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  7. This is a GREAT idea! As a future educator i'm looking for any advice and tools to help not only with the actual lesson plans but also building community and relationships within the classroom. I think creating a fun, and nurturing environment with a program like this can really add a lot to the classroom! THANK YOU for sharing!


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