My 5 Favorite Things Linky Party

Can you believe we are already halfway through April?!?  This got me thinking, what are some of my favorite things going on in April.  So, this led to a fun Linky Party.
The super cute boarder above is from The 3am Teacher Graphics.

Here are my 5 Things I'm Loving in April:
1.  Disneyland
  I know I've already discussed our trip to Disneyland, but how could I make a list of great things about this April and not include Disneyland.

2.  Thunder Over Louisville
This is one of my favorite weekends of the year and it's coming up this coming weekend!  We have been going for years with my family that lives in Louisville.  We stay with my cousin and his family.  They have a little girl the same age as my oldest and they have SO much fun!  If the weather is nice, we head down to the river early and make a day of it.  If it's not, we wait until fireworks time to head down.  If you have never been to Thunder and you live anywhere close to Louisville, I HIGHLY recommend that you go.  The fireworks are amazing!!!  I will warn you though, it will ruin all 4th of July fireworks for the rest of your life ;)

3. Scandal

Have you seen this show?  It's one of my new favorites.  It's on after Grey's Anatomy on Thursday and it is great!

4.  Draw Something

I am obsessed with this game.  It is so addicting!

5. 29 DAYS!

Graphic by Scrappin Doodles

Not that I'm counting down or anything, but I have 29 more days of school left :)

Now it's your turn to link up!  All you have to do is post the 5 Things You're Loving in April then come back here and link up. {Make sure to link back to your post, not just your blog.}
Don't forget to include the graphic from above and link it back here so others can join in the party!


  1. As soon as I'm finished with my 10 day giveaway, I'll be linking up. Maybe I'll combine some items. This giveaway is taken up all my blog posts.hehe

  2. I have never tried that game Draw Something but it seems to be all the rage. I am still on the Words With Friends bandwagon but I should branch out. Fireworks are the best!!!! I love anything with sparkles. I am totally one of those loud oooooooooo-ers and ahhhhhhhhhh-ers!

    Sprinkle Teaching Magic

  3. I AM OBSESSED WITH DRAW SOMETHING!!! haha! I'm loving April too. I think it's the spring in the can just smell summer! I'm surprisingly chipper considering it's a Monday and my first day back from spring break! ha!

  4. I am LOVING Scandal too! It has quickly become the show I can't wait to watch! Going to go Link up right now!

  5. I love draw something too! I am bad at it though!!!


    Apples and ABC's


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