What Did We Do Last Week?

I have really been slacking in blog posts this week.  It was the first week back from Spring Break and I was so exhausted every night.  I would turn on the computer, start something, and then stop.  Plus, I am having major computer troubles.  My husband had bought me a laptop for my birthday {last June!} and I was oh, so excited because I was ALWAYS using his.  About a week after using my new computer, it started freezing on me.  Ctrl, Alt, Delete would not work.  Just plain frozen!!  The only thing I could do was turn it off. I dealt with it for awhile but then it started getting really bad and would freeze about every 10 minutes.  I called Sony, they had me try a million different things and it never got better. They sent someone to my house to reformat the hard drive, said it as cured.  About 2 days after that, SAME problem.  Called Sony, they sent a box and had me send it in.  About 2 weeks later, I get it back with one paper that says, "Reformatted Hard Drive."  Again, did not work and continued to freeze.  I have since sent it to Sony 4 more times with the same result.  Well, I just got it back again before we left on vacation.  I turned it on, used it for about an hour, AND IT FROZE!!  I am beyond frustrated and my 1 year warranty is up in June!!  My husband calls my computer a $1,000 paperweight because that is seriously what it is.  Thank God for his computer because I still use it ALL THE TIME!!  Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated!!  I desperately need Sony to realize that it's simply a broken computer and it needs to be replaced, but I can't seem to get them to understand that :(
Anyways, off of my soap box and on to something school related.  We have been learning about er, ir, and ur this week using my Meet the Bossy R Triplets Unit.
 My students loved the stories about each triplet.  After reading about "Er" the first day, they kept asking to read about the other two :)

You can click below to check out this unit.

 We also have been working on Spring Writing.  You can click on the picture below to download the organizers and writing paper for FREE.
I love seeing 1st graders improvement in writing as the year goes on.  I also think that using graphic organizers is a wonderful way to get amazing writing from your students.

We also made these Math Flowers inspired by Cara from The First Grade Parade.

Now to some exciting news.  Since tomorrow is tax day and it's the 15th, I will be throwing a 15% off Tax Day Sale tomorrow, April 15th at my TpT Store.

Click on the picture to go to my store.
Look for the picture above around "blogland" tonight and tomorrow because I know a lot of fabulous bloggers will also be throwing a sale.  {Also, feel free to steal the picture above and post on your blog if you want to join in on this sale.  You can also leave your store in my comments.}


  1. I love my Apple laptop. The best Valentine's gift. I was not an apple person til then. Easy to use and dependable.

  2. I agree that last week was crazy!! I think I will join in on your sale!!

    JD's Rockin' Readers

  3. Oh no Jodi! I just bought a Sony laptop because I spilled a glass of water on my other laptop and it hasn't worked properly since.
    I haven't even had my Sony a full week yet, I hope it is okay! I really wanted a MacBook as my next laptop, but this was a quick, unexpected purchase! Good luck!

    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  4. Thanks Jodi for the Tax Day Sale graphic. I'm going to join in on the sale tomorrow.

    Happy Saturday,
    I Want to be a Super Teacher

  5. I have an HP that I got for $250 on Black Friday, and it has been great so far. Before this, I had a Dell that lasted pretty long.

    Some people love Macs, but they do take some time to get used to and sometimes there are wonky compatibilities, so just make sure you consider that!

    I hope your computer gets fixed this time! Thanks for the Spring writing freebies! I've pinned them, too :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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