What I Should be Doing vs. What I am Doing

Last week, I got the urge to go to Walmart and purchase school supplies.
I thought this would motivate me to work in my classroom a little bit.  I took them to school, walked in my classroom, looked around, and walked back out.

I had no desire to move my furniture back or to organize.  I still have the remains of last year's theme that I need to get rid of.  Our school theme this year is space, so I'm attempting to think of a way to turn those palm trees into space ships.  Any ideas?? I'd love to hear them.
So, on to what I've been doing instead.  Besides just relaxing with my kids at home, I've finished my September Poems and Songs Packet.

I also completed two more Communication Folders.  The first one is a Jungle Theme.   

The second one is a Super Hero theme.

I'm hoping to get motivated to get into my classroom next week!!  I still have time, and summer is just too much fun!


  1. Love the new packets! They are so cute!
    I found a couple of space themed classroom websites online that you could maybe draw some inspiration from.
    Here's hoping you catch the inspiration bug soon!

  2. Just spray paint the fronds silver and call them space trees or alien trees.

  3. I had the exact same feeling when I walked into my room the other day...just overwhelmed with all things to do and that I want to do. So what did I do...unboxed a few things, caught up with co-workers, made a to-do list, and took pictures.

    You Might Be a First Grader

  4. The same thing happened to me a few days ago. I went to my classroom to grab a few things that I had left there and thought that I was motivated to go back! But the second I walked in, I wanted to immediately leave! I had no desire to do anything in that classroom! Haha. Here's hoping our motivation levels increase soon. :)

  5. cover them with concrete forms, they sell them at home depot cheap! then paint and decorate as you please. The tree will hold up the rocket and be safe under the tube! or try using aluminum foil ducting they sell that too. good luck!

  6. I can't even get in my building until August, so don't feel guilty! Enjoy your summer vacation and spending time with your kids!

  7. This will be my second year doing an Outer Space Theme. My classroom is red, black and white for a color scheme and I did minimal decorating last year. This year I'm on the hunt for fun ideas and got one the other day. I went into Pier 1 to browse and found round, white (battery operated) lanterns on sale. I bought some small ones to spray paint and hang above each of my table groups. I also bought a big yellow one to hang above my desk (The Sun). I'm excited to get back into my room in August and decorate!

  8. I feel the same way this year. I can't get motivated to anything school related. At least you are getting resources ready, I haven't even done that! :(

  9. I know this is pretty off topic, but I have the same 31 organizer tote! I just won it at a party. (I saw it in one of your pics) I just wanted to say thanks, because your site gives me the most traffic to my blog. Thanks for your great ideas!

  10. I made my old tree into a rocket ship when I changed to a space theme. I put pictures of each of my students in little "windows" so that it looked like we were all blasting off into space.


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