What Do Stations Look Like in my Room Right Now?

I have never started stations {centers} this early before.  It's only the 2nd week of school.  However, I felt the need to introduce stations early so I could get them used to it and so I could start beginning of the year assessments.  I also really felt that my students could possibly be capable of handling it.
Here is what stations look like in my room so far this year.
This is my station board.  Nothing real fancy, but it gets the job done.  I have 21 students and 7 stations right now. 
I keep my stations in these tubs.
Each group of 3 students takes their tub to a designated spot in the room.  Everything they need for the station is in the tub. 
 I do not make myself a station rotation.  This allows me to call over individuals or small groups.  It also allows my grouping to be very flexible.
Right now my students are doing these stations.

I wanted to create some simple stations that I felt my 1st graders could do at the beginning of the year.  So far, they are doing great!

  I have been pulling students over to my reading table to get an idea of their basic reading skills.  We have been doing this really fun activity from Lakeshore.  It's their phonemic awareness Plinko game.  Yes, think The Price is Right.  When Lakeshore contacted me about some of their products, I was so excited.  I love Lakeshore and this game is wonderful.  It will go into the station rotation next time since the students know how to play it now.  The students LOVE it!!  Lakeshore is actually having a sale right now that you have to check out.  {Free shipping when you spend $79 or more & 20% off hundreds of Lakeshore favorites -- Offer valid through 9/4/12 on www.lakeshorelearning.com }

You can check out my School is Cool Math and Literacy Stations by clicking below.



  1. Just made the magic playdough! Can't wait to use it with my students!!

  2. I really like your stations. Can I ask how long your literacy block is? How many times do you rotate stations in a day? We have an hour and half and I'm wondering if I were to go 3 rotations at 30 min each.


  3. These are great! I start school Monday {eeek!} and we are introducing the stations Thursday...fingers crossed. But I agree...if they can handle it, why not get the routine going. Great info!



  4. So organized! I love your centers!!



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