Small Group Phonemic Awareness Activities

You may remember this post from last year where I shared this freebie with you:
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Many of you wondered what activities I placed in the folders behind each section.
Well, here is my first unit for this notebook.
This unit contains activities for each of the stages of phonemic awareness (sentence segmenting, rhyme and alliteration, blending and segmenting syllables, onset rime blending and segmentation, phoneme blending and segmentation, and phoneme deletion and manipulation.)
They are very easy to implement and need very little preparation.  These activities are perfect for small groups, but can also be used in whole group or individual settings.
You can check out this unit by clicking below.

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  1. hahaha!!!
    I saw this post LONG before I started blogging and LOVED it...but I was looking for something in 2nd grade, so I kept trying to figure out how to do it for 2nd grade...I had no idea it was YOU (almost a year later since I've been blogging now)...LOVE it still!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  2. I love this blog!!! What kind of folders do you put each activity in? What size binder works?


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