Let's Write a Newspaper

It's the final countdown...{are you singing that song yet?}  We have 3 student days left!!  This four day weekend {not to mention the 100 degree weather} is definitely giving me a taste of summer vacation and I'm ready.  I love teaching, but I am excited to sleep in, watch the morning news while drinking my coffee and spend time with my daughters. 
I just wanted to share a writing project that we did about a month ago, but never got around to posting about it. 
Just click on the picture above to download the ENTIRE unit
 We explored newspapers first to see what types of things we would see.

Then we began making our own.  I created a variety of section headings.  We didn't use them all though.

If you click on the first picture on this post, you can download this unit for FREE!
I'll be back later this week {or next} to wrap up our school year.

Our Picnic Day

We are so close to summer!!  I am insanely jealous of those of you that are done already :(  We have 7 more school days.  {Only 6 with students.}  Today was basically the last full day that we don't have anything planned as a school.  Here is how our next two weeks are looking.
Tuesday - Field Day all afternoon
Wednesday - Talent Show all afternoon
Thursday - Kindergarten - 2nd grade Musicals all afternoon
Friday - Monday - No School
Tuesday - Teachers vs. 5th Graders Annual Kickball game all morning
Wednesday - Awards Ceremonies all afternoon
Today was really the last full day of teaching so I decided to do our Picnic Themed activities that I do every year with my students.
We did a word search then we wrote about going on a picnic.
We played Picnic Bingo.

We also wrote the steps to making Ants on a Log.

Then made them, of course.

This was one of our favorite activities of the day.  We played Pass the Plate to practice our sight words and addition facts.

All of these activities are included in my "A Picnic Day" packet.

You can check it out by clicking below.


Summer Activity Calendar and End of the Year Activities

Last year I posted a summer activity calendar.  I copied this calendar and sent it home with my students at the end of the school year.  I have had many requests to do another one for this year.  The activities are the same, but I have updated the dates.  You can download it for FREE below.

I also wanted to remind you of my End of the Year Activity Packet that I posted last year.

You can check it out by clicking below.


Mother's Day Booklet

I'm not real sure where May has gone.  Mother's Day is this weekend.  Yikes!  That snuck up fast.  I made this booklet that I will be having my student's do tomorrow.
Click on the picture to download
I'm hoping to get some more Mother's Day things put together before Friday, but with all of our end of the year assessments, I'm not sure it will happen.
Are you feeling the stress of the end of the year?
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Aloha Math and Literacy Centers

Happy Saturday and Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!
I FINALLY finished my Aloha Math and Literacy Stations this morning.  These have been hanging over my head for two weeks.  I just couldn't get them finished, but now that they are, I LOVE them and can't wait to use them during the last few weeks of school.
These stations include 6 literacy centers and 6 math centers. 
The topics covered include: Antonyms, r-controlled vowels, Making Words Activity, prefixes and suffixes, contractions, subject and predicates, telling time, counting money, problem solving, addition and subtraction, and fact families.

You can check them out by clicking below.

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Test Motivators

Standardized testing is always stressful, for teachers and students.  In Indiana, our students take the ISTEP+ test.  Our school really makes a big deal about it and works hard to motivate the students to do their best.  We don't start standardized testing until 3rd grade, but the whole school gets involved.  Every adult signs up to "motivate" 3-4 students.  Every morning of the test, we place an encouraging note on their desk.  Here are the notes and items I have placed this week.

I put the note above on their desks along with a glow stick bracelet.

This one came with a clementine orange, of course.

This one will work with any type of candy.

I left a pencil with the note above.
Click HERE to download all of the above for free.

Our school uses a military type theme to get the students excited about taking ISTEP.  The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders prepare cadences that they do for the entire school every morning of the test.  The principal calls them all down to the gym for roll call, leads them in exercises and then each grade level performs their cadence.  It is really cool to watch.  Afterwards, the teachers line up in the hall to form a tunnel for the students to go through.  They give them high fives as they head to their classrooms to get ready for the test.
Each student also gets a military themed shirt to wear during the test.  You can see the shirts and the cadences in the videos below.

This is our music teacher singing his song that he wrote about ISTEP.

What do you do at your school to motivate kids for standardized testing?
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