Have a Heart

Some of you may remember my post in January about my brother-in-law getting his new heart! 
 I'm happy to report that he is doing amazing!!  However, as you can imagine, the hospital bills are very overwhelming.  I came up with this packet to honor my brother-in-law.  It includes a read aloud to teach your students about having a big heart and being kind to others.  It also has a booklet that you can copy for your students to color and take home.  All of the profit from this booklet will go to my brother-in-law and his young family to help them get through this tough time in their lives.

 You can click on the picture below to read about my brother-in-law's story.
Please feel free to spread the word about this booklet. I'd love to help them out as much as I can :) Thanks!
 You can check out the booklet by clicking below.  Thank you so much for your support!!!


ABC Poetry

I just finished my ABC Poetry packet that I will be using at the beginning of the school year. 

We always review the first couple of weeks using Smart Start from our Treasures reading series.  Most of the time, the students move through it pretty quickly because it's all review from Kindergarten.  I'm always looking for things to fill our 90 minute reading block those first couple of weeks.  I will use this ABC Poetry packet during that time.  I think this would also be great for Pre-K or Kindergarten teachers to use as they introduce each letter.  The packet includes a short poem to go along with each letter of the alphabet.  Each poem is printed in color as well as a black and white version with traceable words to practice handwriting skills.  Each poem also has a blank page so students can write the poem themselves.  Click here to download the sample below.

I think I will send home the blank page along with the handwriting page they will complete in class.  The students can do the blank page as homework as well as reading the poem to someone at home.  You could also use the blank page and have students write their own poems or sentences about the picture.
The packet also includes a color and a black and white alphabet chart.  You can also download the charts for FREE by clicking on the picture below.
You can check out the entire ABC Poetry packet by clicking on the buttons below.

Clipart above by Scrappin Doodles and The 3am Teacher


Fall and Winter Fluency Packets

Last Spring, I combined my March, April, and May Fluency Packets into a Spring bundle.  Now that it's summer, I finally had time to bundle my other fluency passages.
I bundled my September, October, and November passages into a Fall Fluency Packet.

I also bundled my December, January, and February packets into a Winter bundle.

If you have already purchased these monthly packets individually, you do not want this because they are the same passages that are in my September, October, and November packets.  You can click on the pictures below to go to the posts and download the FREE sample for each monthly packet. This will give you an idea of what these include and if it's something you could see yourself using with your students.
The link to the post with my September packet above also has a good description of how I use these in my own classroom.

I also sell each weekly individually, so there are a lot of options for you.  You save, obviously, by buying them in monthly packets and you save even more by purchasing them in the Fall, Winter, and Spring bundle.

Now I have one more item checked off of my summer to-do list :)  How's your to-do lists coming along?


DOT and FARM Communication Folders

I had a lot of requests last year and this year to do a DOT Communication folder.  I wasn't sure what to do exactly with the graphics, but once I got going, I think it turned out pretty cute.

I also completed a FARM Communication Folder as well.

I'll probably take a short break from creating any more right now and work on some other things on my summer to-do lists, but I may come back to these and do some more themes if I get a chance.  Here are the ones I have available so far.

You can click HERE to see how I used these communication folders in my classroom last year.
You can head on over to my stores to check them all out.

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