Easter and April Morning Work

I have finished my April morning work and have it posted.

 I also wanted to share some things we will be squeezing in this week.  It was only a 4 day week to begin with, but we had a snow day today, so now I only have 3 days before Spring Break.
I will be sending home a plastic egg and this letter with each student. {Just click on the picture to download the paper.}
Students will be filling their egg with any item.  Then they will write three clues about what is in their egg. Since we were home today, I did this little activity with my own kids.
Here they are showing off their eggs.
I sent one upstairs and one downstairs to put something in their egg.  Then they had to write their clues.
Our oldest is in Kindergarten, so she was all over this task. Her clues were, "It is green. It is shaped like a ball. It is not an egg."  It ended up being a crumbled up green Post-It note.
Her second turn said, "It is white. You can blow into it.  I use it at night with my spray."  This one was a tissue. {She uses saline spray at night and she likes to wipe her nose afterwards.}  I loved reading her clues!
Our youngest just turned 3, but she wanted to write her clues as well.  These were, of course, scribbles on her paper, but that's ok.  When it was her turn to read her clues, she said, "It is a princess." Needless to say, she had put a little princess doll in hers :)
 It's a very easy activity to do with your students and I promise that they'll love sharing their item.
We will also be doing my Easter themed fluency passages this week.  These are additional fluency passages that are not included in any of my other fluency packets.  I did just update the font, so if you already have this and you want it a little updated, head on over and redownload it.

I hope you enjoy your week!! 


  1. Jodi, your Guess What's In the Egg? activity is super! What a fun Spring activity that practices several skills! Thanks!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. I love the plastic egg activity! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing your ideas! I love all of your stuff!! The way I teach has changed because of the things I have purchased from you...so THANK YOU!!!! I also wanted to say...that I love your egg idea. We do this the day we put our eggs in our incubators. We will share one egg every day until the eggs hatch. The kids love it! If you have time, please check out my blog and follow me. I would love any ideas of what I could do to improve it!

  4. Cute! My kids are taking turns for our sharing time during morning meeting to bring something in and give clues. They have been creative!

    Learning is for Superstars
    Learning is for Superstars is on Facebook!

  5. I love the idea of having kids write clues! It is like doing a very intentional show and tell!

    The Math Maniac

  6. Your fluency set is fabulous. Literary response is so crucial and sometimes difficult to teach to kids. :)

  7. So cute thank you for sharing!


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