Five for Friday

I am linking up for Five for Friday.
1.  Today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  {I thought about doing it on Monday, but figured that with all the excitement, it would be better to get it over with on a Friday.}  Lucky the Leprechaun came and paid us a visit.
He was up to all kinds of trouble.  He messed up everything in our room and left glitter all over the place.
He turned our behavior chart upside down.
All of our books were upside down.

He sprinkled glitter all over the place and moved our rocking chair and easel to the other side of the carpet.
The most hilarious thing was listening to the kids try and find all of the things that the crazy leprechaun had messed up.  They were absolutely convinced that he had walked on our ceiling.  Nope...that is just dirt, not footprints.  Too funny!
2.  We, of course, had to graph with Lucky Charms.
3.  We had pirate day this week!  We used Abby's Learning "ar" with Pirate Mark unit.  This is always such a fun day.
4.  My new favorite face mask.  Now totally random...I am in love with this mud mask from Wei.
It came in my March birchbox and I love it.  It instantly makes my face feel and look better.  Plus, it makes for a good laugh in the evenings.  My girls love to make fun of me for putting mud on my face ;)
5.  Saving the worst for husband is having a mastoidectomy in 3 weeks.  Usually, you save the best for last, but that is not the case here.  As many of you know from this post, my husband had an extremely severe ear infection, that spread very rapidly {less than 24 hours}, gave him meningitis (which thankfully did not spread because he was put on IV antibiotics so quickly)  and he became septic.  He just has not been able to get rid of this infection.  We met with an ENT in Indianapolis on Wednesday to schedule his mastoidectomy. 
The mastoid is the bone behind the ear.  Sometimes an ear infection can spread to the mastoid bone.  Most of the time antibiotics will clear it up, but if it does not, the surgeon removes the mastoid and scraps out the infection.  Yuck!!  The doctor we met with on Wednesday told us that this is his most common surgery.  He made us feel really comfortable and even though no one wants surgery, it will be the end of this nightmare of an infection!  Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. 


  1. Loving all the fun stuff going in your room!!!
    Your poor hubby! And you!:(

  2. Oh my gosh, You & your husband will be in my prayers for sure. Glad you heard good news! I LOVE what the leprechaun did to your classroom. I need to go in this weekend & get a few things mixed up for Monday morning! Thanks for the ideas!

    Lucky to Be in First

  3. So sorry to hear your husband is still having problems! My hero ENT (thyroid cancer) is in Indianapolis as well. So if by some small chance you are seeing Dr. Goldnberg, you're in good hands!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  4. Oh what a silly leprechaun! Love how everything was turned upside down.

    Pirate day is such a great idea to learn about "ar". I love themed days!

    Hope your husband's surgery goes well! He is so fortunate to not have had the meningitis spread!


  5. I love graphing with lucky charms. We had an in-service today and with St Patrick's day on a Sunday, it kind of sneaked up on me. Most of my St Patrick's day stuff will have to be done Monday!

  6. Love the letter and the work around St Pat's day.

  7. Hope your hubby is feeling better soon!

  8. I bet you had a fun time cleaning up all that glitter!! :) I'm actually from Indiana, but live in California now. So fun to read familiar places on your blog!

    All the Dots

  9. Sending lots of prayers your way and am glad the doctor has a good bedside manner and more !

    Ms. D's Literacy Lab

  10. Hoping your hubby gets some relief with the surgery!! ((hugs))
    First Grade Blue SKies

  11. I love that you flipped everything upside down! My kiddos would of loved that! Next year! I started my leprechaun shenanigans on Monday...maybe that is why we were just a little extra crazy this week! ha!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  12. I'm sending prayers and hoping for a successful surgery and rapid recovery for your husband!! Your leprechaun certainly was michievious...I'm sure your kiddos had a BLAST!! I popped over from the Friday Five link-up at Doodle Bugs Teaching...I'm so glad I found your blog. I'm excited to follow you!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

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  14. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way. It sounds like you're going to an expert, so hopefully everything will go as smoothly as possible. Thinking of you!!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

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