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I'm participating in another Summer Linky Party.
This one is about Calendar Time!!  This is one of my favorite times of the day.  I have done calendar at all times throughout the day through the years.  I've done it first thing in the morning, mid morning, before lunch and after lunch. I still haven't quite figured out which time is my favorite, but no matter when you do it, it's an important time of day!

Last year, we did calendar right after recess and lunch.  The students came into the room and had a seat on the carpet.

One student is the "Calendar Person" for the week.  First, this person changes the date and the "Today is..." sentence.
We read the sentence together and talk about any important dates that may be coming up.  We may talk about how many Friday's are in the month or how many days we have left until the next month.
Next, the student adds 1 cent to the coin count.  We add 1 cent each day.  We keep track in two different ways with money.  We count this together every day.
After the money count, we use our number grid to practice counting patterns.  We count by 10's, 5's, and 2's.  We begin the year starting with 0, but eventually we move to number patterns starting at any number.  We also talk about odd and even numbers.
The students also add a straw to our pocket chart to keep track of the days.  This is where we work with place value.
Up next, is our number sentence practice.
We use the "date number" to create number sentences.  {For example, the picture above was taken on April 10th, so we wrote number sentences to get to 10.}
I call 5-10 students to write a number sentence.  This is one of my favorite parts.  It is amazing how creative they get by the end of the school year.  A simple 5+5 answer at the beginning of the year is often replaced with something like 100-50+40-80 by the end of the year.  
Another important component of calendar time is reviewing our objectives for the day and week.  Our weekly focus chart is next to the calendar.  We review our spelling words, high frequency words, comprehension skills, math skills, etc. during calendar time.  We also go over our objective board to make sure the students know what they are learning and why.  
Now, it's time for our chapter book read loud.  We usually switch back and forth between Junie B. Jones and Ready Freddy by Abby Klein.  {I LOVE Ready Freddy books and so do the kids!}
After calendar, we head back to our seats to do our Math Notebooks.
I use many of the components from Cara's Calendar Companion.  We also use Anna's Math Journal Prompts during this time.
That wraps up our calendar time.  What great things do you add to your calendar routine?  
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  1. This was such a informative post. I love how you included your objectives in your calendar time. Your themed calendar board is so adorable!

  2. We also cover a ton of concepts during our calendar time!! This year I switched from using straws in my place value pocket chart to using base 10 blocks. I loved tying in a manipulative they use hands-on to the one we use as a group.

  3. I love doing an afternoon calendar too!

    Sharing Kindergarten

  4. Sounds like you get a lot done in a short amount of time. It is amazing how much math you can pack in there!

    The Math Maniac

  5. I love all of your ideas for calendar time! This is something I really struggle with and your ideas will make my calendar time much more purposeful!



  6. Where did you get the "Calendar Math" pocket chart? Love your calendar steps!

  7. Did you make your objective board? (the poster)
    Love it!
    K&C Love Grade 3

  8. Love your routine! It's absolutely adorable with your space theme and the 'Mission Control' title!

    Teaching with Grace

  9. Are you going to be making your lovely calendars for the 2013-2014 school year?


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