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Do you use a Communication Folder in your classroom?  I began using one two years ago and I LOVE IT!  It's a great way to keep your students organized and to make sure you are in constant contact with the parents. 
Last year, our school wide theme was space, so I created this SPACE book.
Here are some pictures of my binders from last year.
I used 3 ring binders last year and they lasted the entire year.  Each week, I put in our new spelling words and weekly focus.  This stays in the binder throughout the week.  I replace it on Monday.

I place the student's homework in the folder and they return it the next morning back in the folder.  There is also a section of lined paper so if the parents need to write a note or I need to write to them, we know exactly where to look. {Not pictured}
 In the front of each binder, I place a pencil case.  This is for lunch money or important items that need to get to school safely.
The year before last, I used this SAFARI book for our jungle theme.
This year our theme is Hollywood, so fortunately I already have this STAR book made for this school year.
Each communication book includes:
-Cover sheet
- "What is a ______ book? and Rules page
- Contact Information and Daily Schedule
- Letter to Families
- Contract
- Spelling Word Sheet
- Math Review Sheet
- Sight Word Lists
- Weekly Focus Page
- Labels for Folders
- ABC's of ____ grade list
Almost all of the pages can be edited to fit your needs.
There are many more themes available.

My most recent communication binder I finished is this FROG book.
Are there any other themes you would like to see?  Let me know.
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  1. I love this idea!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to try and implement it this year!!!! I am also doing the Hollywood Theme (2nd year in a row-love it!)!!!!

  2. I love these folders. I am doing an Enchanted Garden/Once Upon a Time/Fairy theme. I would love to see something in this theme.

  3. I love these!!! I used to do the FROG binders.... Is there any way that you could make some with a racing theme???? If so let me know so I can purchase them! Thanks
    My email is

  4. What about a "chick" book? That would be perfect for me!!

  5. I've used a folder like this for the past 3 years I think. One year it was the SPACE book. Then it turned into the GO folder (Get Organized-we had a team theme that year at school) & last year it stayed the GO folder (we had a construction theme, that was tough). Anyways, I use a plastic 3 pronged folder but have long debated the binder. Binders just get so darn expensive! Have you ever used the 3 pronged folder? If so, how'd you like it?

  6. First off, gotta say, LOVE the blog. I like the communication binders. I use 3 prong plastic folders with my kids and stick a lot of things in sheet protectors. We call it the BEE folder. But I like all of the different acronyms you found! So great to have all in one place!

    I recently kickstarted my first grade blog as well. No where near as impressive as yours, but it's a start (well, restart actually)! Stop by anytime. I love visitors and comments too! =)


  7. I LOVE these communication books! I used SPACE folders last year (our PTO fortunately got us 2-pocket folders that had a clear pocket in the front and back-just like a binder-and the inside pockets were labeled "KEEP AT HOME" and "BACK TO SCHOOL") but your designs are much cuter! However, before I buy your product do you have a picture or preview of what the Classroom ABC's looks like? I've been thinking about writing my own this summer and I'd like to see yours before I buy. My email is Thank you so much!

  8. My theme this year is ladybugs. I would love to have something along that line if possible. Thanks for all your hard work! I love your items and blog!

  9. Your ideas are BRILLIANT!! I also use a communication folder (3 prong plastic) but will definitely be upgrading this year! I love the idea of a pencil case in the front for important notes and things. I can't tell you how many times my students have forgotten their lunch money in their bookbags! :(. I also like the fact that you keep their spelling lists and such inside the folder. I send home a weekly newsletter with all of our focus information in it, but I think I'll add pages like this as well so that everything is in one place!

    I love following your blog! You inspired me to start my own!! I hope to motivate other teachers the way that you've motivated me. Stop by and check it out sometime :)

  10. those are nice folders.

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  12. I love the communication folder. I used something similar to it last year. My classroom theme is the beach. Do you have a beach theme cover? Thank you for all that you do!

  13. I am always so impressed with your creativity and boundless energy. I can't believe how many communication folder ideas you have come up with. If I have any first graders for tutoring this year, I plan to download your reading units. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  14. Wow, I am so impressed with how many books you have.. I just love the jungle theme. It's on my wish list among other things to purchase. You have such wonderful ideas. I plan on purchasing a few when I start getting paid again...

  15. These are SO great!! Do you have the weekly focus page available? We do something similiar but yours looks so much nicer!
    Brittany (

    1. The weekly focus page is in each of the Communication Folder downloads :)

  16. I would love to use your folder again this coming year. Do you think that you can make one for a beach, Sand, or Aloha Theme? I loved using the Pirate themed folder for two years.

  17. My classroom theme is sunflowers/blooming. Do you have any that would fit with this? Your ideas are fabulous!


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