Thank you!!

On Monday, I was completely surprised when a tv camera came into my classroom while I was giving a reading test.  My principal had nominated me for the "Make a Difference Award" from our local CBS station, WTHI.  I just wanted to thank those of you again that donated to the fundraiser for Katelyn! 
{Try to ignore the funny face I'm making on the main screen of the video below. LOL!}


They're Finished!

We had a snow day on Friday.  This sounds great until May comes and we have to make it up :( 
It did allow me to get some things accomplished.  First off, my March Common Core Morning Work is finished.

You can find them here.

I also FINALLY finished my Subtraction Fact Strategies Packet!!!!!

You can find this here.

If you have not already purchased the Addition Fact Strategy Packet and you would like to get the combo packet, which includes BOTH addition and subtraction, click HERE.
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We've been learning all about presidents this week.  First we learned all about George Washington.
Then we wrote biographies about George Washington and made these cute Washington's.

Today, we learned all about Abraham Lincoln and wrote our biographies on hats.

As a review, we made signs on popsicle sticks.  One side said Abraham Lincoln and the other one said George Washington.

I asked the students questions about a president and they had to show me which president was correct.  For example, "Who was the first president?" "Which president lived in Indiana?"

You can download the signs by clicking HERE.
We have also been completing my President's Fluency passages, which can be purchased separately or in the February packet.



We started discussing adjectives today.  During our morning review, the students wrote some examples of nouns and verbs on their white boards.  Then, I introduced adjectives.  After giving them examples of adjectives that would describe a cat, I had them come up with some that would describe a dog and write them on their boards.  Next, I had them try and write some adjectives that would describe themselves.
We returned to our seats and made a list of adjectives together.
After we had a pretty good grasp of adjectives, I went around and put a Post-It note on each persons desk.  I had each person go around the students at their tables and write an adjective to describe each person.

(I made sure to discuss that we were using "nice" adjectives.)
When we were finished, each student not only had a list of adjectives, but they also had a friendly "pick me up" as well as they read the nice adjectives their friends had written.
My only problem was that the Post-It notes were too small.  I made this to use if we do this activity again.
Just click on the picture below to download. {Students can write their names on the lines.}
Graphics by Scrappin Doodles and Jessica Weible Illustrations
We have also been learning about the presidents this week.  I will be back tomorrow with some pictures.  (There were a couple that I forgot to take.)
We will be completing our President's Day booklet this week though.
I have gotten quite a few emails lately about when certain products will be finished.  Here is my to-do list:
Common Core Morning Work for March
March Writing Prompts and Organizers
Subtraction Fact Strategies
Update my Spring Fluency Packet to make it Common Core Aligned
*As many of you know from my last post, things have been c-r-a-z-y around here and now that they are getting a little more "normal," I hope to get a chance to check off items on my to-do list soon.
And...I cannot thank you all enough for all the thoughts and prayers you have sent our way!!


So Blessed

To say this has been an exhausting week would be an understatement.  My world quickly spun out of control last Monday and I am beyond blessed that it is back to "normal" now.
This is my husband, Andrew.
He is an amazing husband and father and truly the absolute love of my life.  On Sunday, he began having an earache.  By that night, his ear hurt so bad that he couldn't stand it anymore and drove into the ER at 1:00 am.  They couldn't see down his ear canal so they irrigated his ear (pushed water into the ear) and sent him home with antibiotics and pain medicine.
The next day, I went to work for a normal Monday.  I came home and he said he thought that maybe he was getting the flu now because he had chills and had been getting sick.  My two girls had gymnastics that evening, so I took them to practice while he stayed home and took a nap.  When we got home around 7:15, my girls started working on their Valentine cards.  I heard Andrew upstairs getting sick, so I decided to go check on him and see if he needed some water.  Thank God I did, because what I found will forever haunt me.  He was laying face up on our bed, aspirating and blue.  I tossed him off the bed so he would be face down.  He was not responding, barely had a pulse, and could not talk or walk.  My daughters came upstairs during this time and unfortunately saw this happening.  I called 911 and he was rushed to the Emergency Room.  Thankfully, my principal lives down the street and when she saw the ambulance lights, she walked down to our house.  She was able to watch my girls so I could leave in the ambulance with Andrew.  While in the ER, they did a CT scan and a spinal tap.  At this point, they believed he had meningitis.  The CT scan found an infection in his mastoid bone (mastoiditis) that was most likely pushed into his body when his ear was irrigated.  The infection quickly spread to his brain and the rest of his body and he became septic, which is a life threatening blood infection.  He was admitted into the ICU and put on very strong antibiotics.  On Wednesday, he went in for ear surgery where they put in a drain and tried to get out the orginal infection.
Thankfully, he recovered pretty quickly and he came home yesterday!!  The doctors and nurses told us that he is extremely lucky to be alive.  Even if he wouldn't has aspirated, the infection was so severe that it would have killed him in a couple of hours.  Of course, I have been running the "what ifs" through my head since it happened. {What if I wouldn't have gone and checked on him? What if it would have happened earlier and I wasn't home?  What if I would have just thought he was sleeping?...}  A friend reminded me to stop thinking of the "What ifs" and start remembering the "Thank God's!"  This is absolutely true!
It was not a coincidence that I got home when I did.  It was not a coincidence that his brother, a doctor, happened to be at a meeting 5 minutes away and made it to my house shortly after the ambulances.  It was not a coincidence that he aspirated causing me to take action immediately and call 911.  It was not a coincidence that my principal happened to see the lights and was able to help with my daughters and ease their fears.  These were God's miracles and I could not feel more blessed right now.
My husband still has a long road ahead of him.  He will be on antibiotics for another 3-6 weeks and he still can't hear from his right ear.  They are hoping that it will slowly improve, but there is no way of knowing for sure.  So make sure that tonight, you hug your loved ones a little tighter and tell them you love them.  Life can change in a split second! 


At the Heart of Black History

February is jam packed with great teaching health, Valentines Day, Groundhog Day, President's Day, and Black History.  On Friday, we learned about some famous African Americans.  I gave each student a heart with a name and a white heart for the inside.
Some of the names looked familiar to some, (Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, etc.) but many were new names.  I went through each name and gave them a quick one  sentence fact about each person.  {For example, George Crum invented potato chips.}  Then each person wrote down the fact about their person on their white heart and glued it inside the red heart. 
Our bulletin board is titled "At the Heart of Black History."

If you would like to download the hearts for FREE, click HERE.
I included a blank one if you would rather have your students write the names.
I am excited to be participating in the Filling Your Hearts blog hop with Freebie-licious.
Click on the link below to head on over and pick up your next freebie.


A Blog Post...Finally!

I know I haven't been around much lately.  I have sat down to do a million different posts, but never finished them because I was distracted or too busy with something else to finish.
First off, this little cutie turned 3 this weekend.
She LOVES Tinkerbell and wanted a Tinkerbell party :)
Here are some fun things I made with my Silhouette Cameo for her party.

It has been HECTIC around this household.  We started a total kitchen remodel the week of Halloween.  We completely gutted our kitchen.  You may have remembered the pictures of all the dust!  Well, after a little over 3 months....IT'S DONE!!!!
The next couple of pictures are kitchen pictures, so I apologize.  I'm just so excited!!  {I promise there is something teacher related at the end of this post.}

We also remodeled our laundry room and backdoor area.  So, not only did we not have a kitchen for 3 months, we also did not have a laundry room.  I wish I had a before picture of this area.  It was awful.  Now we have a mudroom area for our backdoor entryway and a cute little laundry room. 

Now onto the "teacher" stuff.  We have been working on fact families in our classroom.  Most of my students found this skill to be pretty simple, but some still have a hard time remembering to only use the 3 numbers that are given and don't put any other numbers in the problems.  To help with this, I gave students the parts of a fact family and we acted it all out.

As we practiced, I reminded them that no new numbers joined them and no numbers sat down.  This hands on demonstration really helped them to grasp the concept. 
We also completed this activity.
We have also been working hard to earn a "Snowman" party.  Everytime the class is working hard, they earn a part of the snowman.
I found these super cute ideas on Pinterest for when we earn our party.
Click on the picture to go to the source.
Click on the picture to go to the source.
Now that things have settled down a bit around here, I hope to be back MUCH more often!


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