Easter Bonnets and an EGG-cellent Sale!

It is officially SPRING BREAK!!!  The students were full of energy and excitement on Thursday.  It was the last day before break and with Easter coming up, they just couldn't contain their energy.  Plus, wasn't it a full moon? It think technically, it was on Wednesday, but I can blame it on that too, right?
We had our annual Easter Bonnet Parade on Thursday morning.  The students and teachers make Easter bonnets and our principal plays the song, Easter Parade while we parade around the outside of the school.  At the end of the day, our principal gives out prizes for the best bonnets.  The students love it and really get to show off their creativity.  Here are some pictures of bonnets from my class.

For my students that didn't decorate an Easter Bonnet, we made rabbits ears.
My daughter's class in Kindergarten made these adorable bonnets.

I also wanted to let you know that I am throwing a sale at TpT on 5 of my favorite products.  Now you need to go on a "hunt" to see which 5 of my products will be 20% off through Sunday.
Now I'm off to enjoy Spring Break!!!!

Easter and April Morning Work

I have finished my April morning work and have it posted.

 I also wanted to share some things we will be squeezing in this week.  It was only a 4 day week to begin with, but we had a snow day today, so now I only have 3 days before Spring Break.
I will be sending home a plastic egg and this letter with each student. {Just click on the picture to download the paper.}
Students will be filling their egg with any item.  Then they will write three clues about what is in their egg. Since we were home today, I did this little activity with my own kids.
Here they are showing off their eggs.
I sent one upstairs and one downstairs to put something in their egg.  Then they had to write their clues.
Our oldest is in Kindergarten, so she was all over this task. Her clues were, "It is green. It is shaped like a ball. It is not an egg."  It ended up being a crumbled up green Post-It note.
Her second turn said, "It is white. You can blow into it.  I use it at night with my spray."  This one was a tissue. {She uses saline spray at night and she likes to wipe her nose afterwards.}  I loved reading her clues!
Our youngest just turned 3, but she wanted to write her clues as well.  These were, of course, scribbles on her paper, but that's ok.  When it was her turn to read her clues, she said, "It is a princess." Needless to say, she had put a little princess doll in hers :)
 It's a very easy activity to do with your students and I promise that they'll love sharing their item.
We will also be doing my Easter themed fluency passages this week.  These are additional fluency passages that are not included in any of my other fluency packets.  I did just update the font, so if you already have this and you want it a little updated, head on over and redownload it.

I hope you enjoy your week!! 


Five for Friday...on a Sunday! What?!

Yes, I know it's Sunday and I'm linking up for a Friday post.  It's been a crazy weekend.
My husband had a work conference at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville Thursday - Sunday, so I came along. 
1. This place is GORGEOUS!

I came here my sophomore year of high school, but haven't been back since.  It really is spectacular.
2. My husband booked me a morning at the spa in the hotel.
Four hours of relaxation!!  It was as wonderful as it sounds.
3. We met Dave Ramsey!  Dave Ramsey is my husband's hero ;)  Since we were coming to Nashville, he had to make the drive to Brentwood to see his radio show.
4. We took the backstage tour of the Grand Old Opry.

5. This is what I have to dread when we head home today. We live in the 6-10 range!!  Where is spring!?!?!
I have finished my April morning work, but it is not posted yet.  I hope to get it posted late tonight or early tomorrow. (If the forcast is correct, it will most likely be a snow day.)
 By the way, this was my view while I finished it up ;)
I am taking every last advantage of this view because it my view will soon be snow :(


Bossy R Triplets

Next week I will be teaching about the er, ir, and ur sounds.  Two years ago I created my Meet the Bossy R Triplets unit.  It is one of my top sellers, but it desperately needed updated.  There are so many more cute fonts and clipart now, so I wanted to give it a makeover.
If you have already purchased this unit, head on over to TpT to redownload the updated version.  If not, you can check it out by clicking on the picture below.
I love using these triplets to teach the three spellings of this sound!! 


Spring Writing Prompts

Completing these Spring Writing Prompts has been hanging over my head for SOOOO long!!  I finally had a chance to sit down this weekend and knock it out.

This packet includes 51 writing prompts along with graphic organizers and writing paper.  {It ended up being 177 pages.} It is aligned to Common Core Writing standards as well.
Since I didn't get it finished in time to use some of the March writing items, I have discounted it over at TpT for the next week. 
You can check it out below.

I am giving away 3 for free over on my Facebook page.

Five for Friday

I am linking up for Five for Friday.
1.  Today we celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  {I thought about doing it on Monday, but figured that with all the excitement, it would be better to get it over with on a Friday.}  Lucky the Leprechaun came and paid us a visit.
He was up to all kinds of trouble.  He messed up everything in our room and left glitter all over the place.
He turned our behavior chart upside down.
All of our books were upside down.

He sprinkled glitter all over the place and moved our rocking chair and easel to the other side of the carpet.
The most hilarious thing was listening to the kids try and find all of the things that the crazy leprechaun had messed up.  They were absolutely convinced that he had walked on our ceiling.  Nope...that is just dirt, not footprints.  Too funny!
2.  We, of course, had to graph with Lucky Charms.
3.  We had pirate day this week!  We used Abby's Learning "ar" with Pirate Mark unit.  This is always such a fun day.
4.  My new favorite face mask.  Now totally random...I am in love with this mud mask from Wei.
It came in my March birchbox and I love it.  It instantly makes my face feel and look better.  Plus, it makes for a good laugh in the evenings.  My girls love to make fun of me for putting mud on my face ;)
5.  Saving the worst for last...my husband is having a mastoidectomy in 3 weeks.  Usually, you save the best for last, but that is not the case here.  As many of you know from this post, my husband had an extremely severe ear infection, that spread very rapidly {less than 24 hours}, gave him meningitis (which thankfully did not spread because he was put on IV antibiotics so quickly)  and he became septic.  He just has not been able to get rid of this infection.  We met with an ENT in Indianapolis on Wednesday to schedule his mastoidectomy. 
The mastoid is the bone behind the ear.  Sometimes an ear infection can spread to the mastoid bone.  Most of the time antibiotics will clear it up, but if it does not, the surgeon removes the mastoid and scraps out the infection.  Yuck!!  The doctor we met with on Wednesday told us that this is his most common surgery.  He made us feel really comfortable and even though no one wants surgery, it will be the end of this nightmare of an infection!  Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. 

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