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Around this time every year, I start to really see improvements with my 1st grader's writing skills.  It is definitely a long process, but we eventually get there.  I wanted to share some of my "must have" items in my classroom for writing this year.
My coworker and I found this on Pinterest at the beginning of the year and she was kind enough to make one for each of the 1st grade teachers. {I think the original idea came from Zeek's Zoo, but I'm not positive.}
It really has made a huge difference with my student's writing.  They love being able to write their name on a section with a dry erase marker.  Once we start a new writing project, I erase and they have to work hard to get their name back on the board.
Another great resource that my coworker made for us is this writing rubric chart.
It really gives my students a great visual and something to strive towards.
These past couple of weeks, we have been working hard on editing our writing.  This has been a challenge, but it is something we will continue to work on through the rest of the school year.
I have the students edit their own writing first, then they trade with a partner to peer edit their writing.
I "fancied up" these checklists and you can download them as a freebie below.

Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download this freebie.


  1. Love your checklist-there are held up to high standards-love

  2. I love your ideas with writing! Your goal poster and checklists are very clear and simple (in a good way!). Thank you for sharing! You have my brain working! :)

  3. I love the dry erase check list!

  4. Thanks for sharing the freebie! That dry erase check list is awesome!

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  5. Thank you so much for this post! Love editing checklists :)

  6. We are editing our papers next week while I am getting observed, this is a great checklist! I like how you changed the wording to focusing on different parts of writing!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. It's always interesting for me to see what other school expect out of first graders. Our district created a grading rubric we are expected to use. I've created an editing sheet for our students to use too. Our first graders are expected to use capitals at the beginning of sentences, punctuation at the end of sentences, spaces, voice, transition words, adjectives, compound sentences, extended sentences, etc… I feel like it is a lot to expect out of our sweet firsties!

  8. I really like your rubric examples and the idea for the white boards that the kids sign their names as they do them. Editing is probably one of the areas that I need to improve in my classroom writing. I'm never sure how to approach it . . . . and there is such limited time that it's often overlooked. Thanks for the great ideas!


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